Swiss Audit Corporation –
The Auditors with Expertise and Industry Know How

We are the audit experts in your region.
The Swiss Audit Corporation is an association of audit experts with an extremely high level of competence and expertise.

Get to know us and benefit from our expertise and entrepreneurial flair. We are able to offer your company best practice and verified solutions and we are familiar with your industry.

The Swiss Audit Corporation is registered as a licensed audit expert with the Federal Audit Oversight Authority.
SRG audit experts are available in Aarau, Basel, Berne, Magden, St. Gallen, Winterthur, Zug und Zurich


Address head office

SRG Swiss Audit Corporation Ltd
Zellerstrasse 58
CH-8038 Zurich
Phone +41 43 399 78 88
Fax +41 43 399 78 80
Why not talk to us, we can offer you real added value!

Strong Swiss knowledge and network

SRG Swiss Audit Corporation Ltd. is a merger of Swiss Certified Audit Experts. All of them have a high level of professional expertise and knowhow.

For your industry

Our experts assist you with practise proven solutions applicable for your own company and industry.

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